PicsProd provides executive post-production services in Toulouse, Paris and worldwide. The post-production studio is run by people who are crazy about stories and images


PicsProd provides executive post-production services in Toulouse, Paris and worldwide. The post-production studio is run by people who are crazy about stories and images


video editing

To create an inspiring video, the whole team must put in considerable efforts. Skilled video editors are as important as perfect designers, creative scriptwriters, trained camera professionals and other talented crew personnel.

A well edited video will make a real difference in the impact you will have on your audience. You need to hire professional editors to make sure that no important part has been eliminated from the video.

PicsProd offers high quality video editing services to its entire clientele. Our editors and other collaborators work closely with each other to produce real masterpieces.

audio mixing


PicsProd is a full-service production company, so we are familiar with every step of video production. We do not merely offer audio mixing services, but also pre-production and post-production services to our clients as well. It’s all about beats and managing them properly altogether.

To add perfect audio to your visual content, you should look for studios equipped with the latest technology and equipment. There are several studios offering services like that, but only a few know the key to adding audio effects that make the difference.

PicsProd has a longstanding and broad experience in audio mixing and can offer you quality and style. All you need to do is just book an appointment with us and get ready to add exceptional sound effects to your films.


color correction

To construct a good video, you need solid foundations, i.e. impressive visual and sound, but also the adequate color correction. PicsProd’s experts apply the latest techniques to rectify colors and the overall theme of the video.

Colors should be carefully selected and adjusted to attract the eye of the target audience. The right colorful video can create long lasting effects on viewers’ minds. To add a powerful touch of color to your films, you can count on our professional team.

PicsProd’s qualified specialists are working round the clock to craft perfect videos for all our clients. We know the power of selecting appropriate color schemes. Do not hesitate, contact us to add influential and striking colors to your visual content and thus promote your business better than ever before!

visual effects


Making a compelling visual content is not an easy task, and visual effects are one of the key elements to achieve success. Without them, it’s impossible to conceive a powerful video.

Production companies need a team of skilled professionals, because they know how to apply effects that are both efficient and striking. Also, experts can identify which visual effects should go with the scene and the entire video.

PicsProd’s team offers exceptional visual effects services. We believe that, when they are added with style and creativity, special effects can make a real difference. Contact us, let us know about your requirements and our team will work its magic.


music scoring

Music is a powerful and impressive tool: it can be used to articulate stories for your target audience. Music can create an urge for the product or service being advertised, because it impacts directly the viewers’ emotions.

Only maestros and real experts can produce musical waves that reach straight to the hearts of the audience. Part of the secret to creating a masterpiece is selecting the perfect composer.

PicsProd realizes the importance of a talented music artist and that’s why we only hire individuals with exceptional skills. Our experienced musicians and composers work in close partnership with the rest of the team from the pre-production phase to deliver high quality results.

We make sure that the entire music has been composed and integrated to the video according to the demand of the scene, in order to add value and style to the content.

motion graphics


Motion graphics are a great way to communicate with the audience, and they add depth to the story. Associated with music and effective copy, they help you communicate your message. In a video, motion graphics can create an alluring effect and keep the audience engaged.. This is also a good medium to explain complex concepts in an entertaining way.

To be successful, a graphics designer needs to be passionate and to have lots of creative skills. Do not overlook the importance of an expert and inspiring graphics designer.

PicsProd offers exceptional motion graphics services. With the use of the latest technology and cutting-edge tools, we create innovative motion graphics that meet your unique business needs.


sound design

Sound designing is more than just a technical step, it is art. You need field experts who are completely involved in the scene and apply the right sound effects to the video. To design good sounds, you need more than some of the usual skills, you need a professional.

Indeed, sound plays a critical role in video productions. Therefore, you should never compromise on sound factor. A powerful sound design can make the difference between a viral video and a disappointing one. This is why you should hire qualified sound designers to craft your videos.

PicsProd provides astounding sound designing services to produce awe-inspiring promotional videos for your business. We believe that the appropriate sounds can reach farther and catch the attention of your target audience.

video finishing


Video finishing is the final step before releasing the product. It is a fundamental stage as this is when we control the video production quality. Video finishing guarantees that each and every video meets a certain level of quality.

PicsProd’s team will review every detail of the video for color quality, sound quality, consistency, theme, and mood that will be appealing to the target audience.

Video finishing enables us to give each aspect of the video one final look. This is the opportunity to polish all of the finer details in the visual content and audio.

Once your video meets the requirements, we will deliver it to you. Your satisfaction is what drives us to give it our best, and our work isn’t done until your video is perfect.


post production supervision

To be sure everything happens when it should and to keep all the pieces moving together in concert to get to the perfect result, you need an expert post production supervisor.

Post production supervisors are responsible for the post production process: they maintain clarity of information and ongoing communications with the producer, the editor, the supervising sound editor, the facilities companies and the production accountant.

Post production supervisors’ role is critical because they ensure that the post production budget and other essential deadlines are met. Since large amounts of money are involved, you should only hire trained professionals.

PicsProd’s team includes experienced post production supervisors, who will make sure that each different stage of the process is delivered on time and within budget. Our qualified team will always make every effort to deliver an optimal finished product that meets your requirements.

voice over


Many businesses think that voice-over is not essential, but it is and it should be given equal exertions and time to create the perfect video.

Voice-over services are useful in several fields, such as for audio books, video ads, presentations, animated movies, training tutorials and many more. To achieve the best results, be sure to hire professionals.

PicsProd’s team of experts don’t just know how to do voice-overs, they know how to do it perfectly. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss all your requirements and our team will work its magic!


video titles

We all know how important a punchline is in a video. Indeed, one small tiny line can make all the difference. Even without seeing a video, the target audience is pulled towards its title. A catchy title means more views, and then more likes and shares on social media.

Your title should be inspiring and compelling. Otherwise, people won’t bother to have a look at it. A perfect title requires not only writing skills but also creative skills.

PicsProd owns a team of qualified experts who are passionate and have the perfect writing and editing skills to imagine exceptional titles. In video making, inspiring titles are fundamental.

Our professionals study every detail of your requirement parameters and always keep in mind your target audience. This way, we ensure that the result will fully satisfy you and your audience.



Delivery is not the final stage of the video production process. A good video production company knows that you have to define the delivery options at the very beginning of the project. Before we start filming, we discuss with our clients to identify precisely how they intend to broadcast their video.

We take into account the platform (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), because each of them has slightly different specifications for optimal video playback. This way, when the video is finalized and approved, we can export it to the final format that suits you best.

PicsProd’s team can also assist you with the SEO optimisation, for maximum reach to a relevant target audience, with the distribution (including the uploading of the video online) and with the promotion of your video.

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