Casting is an essential step in the process of video creation. A smart cast can help video producers create better videos by offering new ideas. Beyond smartness, actors should also possess real talent to make a film memorable and worth watching.

Casting is more than a one step process. Once the most talented performers have been chosen, a second selection session is held with the top decision makers, in order to get the best of the best.

PicsProd has established strong relationships with most of the renowned artist agencies. We always select the best cast ever. Thanks to the wide and distinct range of talent industry, we can select a different cast for all our videos. We ensure variation, distinction and sensation in all of the videos we produce.



The selection of a location can be a tumultuous step in the process of video production. The location and the visual scenes should be in perfect harmony. An adequate site can make a big difference and convince the audience. If it is well chosen, a good location can be a call to action for the users.

A closer tie and discussions between video producers and the clients are essential, because they guarantee the full understanding of the requirement parameters.

PicsProd’s team of expert professionals know that it matters to identify the best location for the shoot. Before selecting a shooting site, we perform a detailed analysis for each project in order to make the best recommendation.



In any film, advertising, video or documentary movie, a good crew is as important as the entire concept of the visual content. No matter how impressive your project is, if you don’t have a passionate and committed crew to work on it, that is useless.

Only a team of experts can turn your idea into reality through extreme hard work and professionalism they pitch in. That is why you should not overlook the significance and value of an experienced group of professionals.

PicsProd provides top quality film crews to its wide range of clientele across the globe. Whether it is about the skilled makeup artists or the sound and camera professionals behind the scene, our clients preferred PicsProd for providing state-of-the-art film crew services they have never experienced before.

Clients look for a dream team to promote their concepts and ideas through visual content, and PicsProd is here to make their (and your) dreams come true!



The process of getting video insurance includes more than one step. In fact, it requires you to think of so many other things. When we talk about video insurance, it covers everything that matters in the process of creating a video.

For example, you need insurance for the equipment, whether it belongs to you or it is rented. Then, comes insurance related to risk factors and crash in liabilities.

PicsProd thinks of everything for you and our services include all that can be offered under the banner of video insurance services. This way, you are guaranteed the best services ever.

PicsProd’s team is composed of aware and mindful personnel who know all the pros and cons of insurance services and therefore offer remarkable video insurance services to all its clients.



Let’s imagine that you have a great crew, an awesome cast, an extraordinary script and a dream team to promote your business to the highest levels of success. Do you have everything you need? What is missing? A video permit, that’s right!

Before launching your project or even before thinking about it, you need a video permit to proceed with everything. And sometimes, getting one is not easy. There are many requirements to fulfill and there can also be a lot of documentation to wade through.

PicsProd is happy to provide speedy video permit services and an absolute assistance, if needed. Because we know that timing is everything, our team makes sure you get the permit on time.

A powerful video well in time can make a big difference, and that’s why PicsProd guarantees compliant video permit services to promote your business in a much opportune manner.



Designing a set precisely insures half of your video’s success. If you have designed and organized an appropriate set that matches the requirements of the scenes, you have hit the target even before the video is broadcasted.

Set designing is a challenging job: a consistent collaboration with other teammates ensures awesome results. A set designer needs to know the entire scene, its script, its duration and all the visual details to create the right impact on the audience. Knowing the target audience is also essential to persuade them and make the video resonate with them.

PicsProd has an incredibly artistic pool of set designers, scriptwriters, storytellers, music composers, camera specialists… who are working together to craft masterpieces for our entire range of clients.



Imagine that you are a gifted teacher and you want to produce a video to spread your word among the audience. In order to attract the attention of your viewers, you have decided to wear a soldier’s costume. Will it work? Not for sure.

Do not overlook the importance of an appropriate costume. It is essential to choose or design it carefully and properly. Otherwise, it might not have the intended impact. This is why you need experts to advise you of the appropriate elements to take into account.

With its team of highly creative and innovative professionals, PicsProd offers outclass costume designs, to add colors of success to your films. Our team works closely with you, and gives you valuable suggestions for the design in order to ensure the creation of a masterwork.



Unless special efforts are rolled into it, a video is only a video. To make it inspirational and captivating, you need to focus on every aspect of it. And that includes a good script, an adequate location, a great storytelling technique, the perfect crew… But also the equipment!

Modern equipment and cutting-edge technology are two interrelated concepts that play an essential role in the production of powerful videos. Sometimes, a business can’t afford to buy their own equipment or doesn’t need it more than once, and they end up contacting a video rental services provider.

PicsProd offers, for a very reasonable price, video equipment rental services to all of its clients who need it. We can offer a variety of high quality equipment to shed a light of success on your business.



When businesses prepare the creation of a promotional video, they can sometimes feel a bit lost. That’s understandable as there are several factors to take into account. Defining a production schedule helps navigate such a process by organising work rationally.

Thanks to this schedule, the crew can move along the production process and it ensures that you are satisfied with the end result. The schedule is used to not only make sure that everything runs smoothly, but also that your time and budgetary goals are met.

PicsProd’s qualified team can offer professional scheduling services so that you can work efficiently and don’t miss any deadline. With the right schedule, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that cast, crew, props and equipment are always in the right place at the right moment.



Let’s imagine that you have a great idea to promote, but you don’t have anything else. That is when you need our budgeting services. By financing your project, a good budgeting service provider not only shows his trust in your concept but also gives you the liquid to achieve your goals.

While selecting a budgeting service provider, you have to take many elements into account. You may find various budgeting service providers around, but you have to choose yours carefully because an erroneous pick can create huge obstructions for you.

PicsProd has always proved the right choice for those who have used our services. Our team of fiscal experts works on every project exclusively and generates a detailed budgeting report correspondingly. The whole process is extremely simple and transparent.



What do we mean by video props? These are simply items that can be used while shooting a video. The video props include many things: a food item, a phone, a car, balloons, furniture or anything you can dream of using in a video shoot.

Are they important? Yes, they are. Video props are as significant as any other aspect of a video production process (cast, script, etc.). Sometimes, just using the right prop can make your video go viral. Therefore, prop selection is definitely one of the key factors that cannot be overlooked.

Experts can suggest better options for using props, they have logical reasons to advise you on what you should use and what you should not, depending on your video’s requirements.

PicsProd’s team of professionals can guide you to select props. We offer you the perfect video props services to make your video even better and therefore, to ensure the achievement of your business goals.



Nowadays, anyone can produce a video. However, producing a high quality and memorable video is a challenging job. It requires strenuous efforts and a dedicated and skilled team to manage the production of a viral video.

To create an excellent video, you need a perfect set. It doesn’t matter how good your concept is and how compelling your script is if you have not presented it well.

Having an appropriate set that matches the requirements of the scene can make a big difference and attract more audience. Set construction can either make your video stand out or completely fail.

PicsProd’s talented team of professionals know how to construct a set that can grab and retain the attention of your target audience.

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