Video producer

Video producers play an essential role in any video shoot. They help manage all the details of a video production process from start to finish. They make sure that everything goes as planned so that the result exceeds your expectations.

During the whole video production process, video producers will maintain ongoing communications with their team, the client and all the other relevant members of the video shoot.

PicsProd’s video producers will help to bring your vision to life. They will coordinate and manage many aspects of the production process and will support you each step of the way.

video director


Responsible for translating the screenplay into images, the video director shapes the vision of the production. His role is critical and, to make awe-inspiring videos, you should always hire an expert video director who understands your idea.

The right video director can make the difference between failure and success. Some directors became famous because they put their own spin on their films and made those easily recognizable as being one of their latest creations. For example: Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, or Tim Burton.

PicsProd’s professional and experienced video directors work closely with you to respect your vision and to make sure your needs are met. We will guarantee an exceptional result that suits your expectations and that everyone will enjoy watching.


camera operator

Not everybody can be a camera operator: this job requires skills and experience! Camera operators operate a wide variety of technical equipment, assemble and set up camera equipment, plan and prepare scenes, follow camera scripts and collaborate with the lighting and technical staff. They are in charge of maintenance and they handle all the expensive filming and recording equipment.

PicsProd’s expert camera operators know exactly which cameras to use in which conditions and consider the composition, framing and movement of a shot.

They are trained to operate many different cameras, including handheld, cameras mounted on a body frame, etc. Do not hesitate, contact us to get the best professionals on the market.



Don’t confuse cinematography and videography. These are two different things. Usually, videographers operate with much smaller crew sizes and often work solo. Unlike cinematographers, they operate the camera.

Videographers are responsible for recording live events and small scale video productions. They focus on smaller productions like documentaries, live events, short films, weddings, sports events, training videos, etc.

Picsprod’s qualified videographers are creative, passionate and have an eye for detail. For your smaller productions, we can select the best option for you, either a solo videographer with a single-camera setup or one working with a small team of light and sound technicians.



Don’t confuse cinematography and videography. These are two different things. Cinematographers are in charge of the film’s cinematography. They make decisions regarding the technical and artistic aspects of the film: lens choice, lighting, filters, camera movement, etc.

Today, everybody can make videos thanks to smart technology. However, businesses shouldn’t ask anybody for their ads creation and promotion campaigns, even if it costs less. Indeed, you want to spread your ideas in a special way that reflects your expertise. To achieve success, you should only trust professional cinematographers. This is money well spent, because a good result will pay all the invested money back to you and will drive your business to the next level.

PicsProd’s team of highly qualified experts is capable of delivering incredible visuals that will be remembered by your audience. So, do not hesitate and book an appointment with our team. We will be happy to discuss your requirement parameters in detail in order to create the perfect promotional content for your business.

lighting director


Imagine that you have the perfect video, but due to some light problems, the audience couldn’t see properly and enjoy your product. You can’t let that happen!

Appropriate lighting plays a vital role in making your video a real hit. Sometimes, the lightning has to highlight some objects and sometimes, it needs to make them dull. It depends on the requirements of the scene. The whole process is a mixture of the technical aspects and of the team’s creativity.

PicsProd provides video lighting services, and our qualified staff can shine the spotlight on your company, to open up opportunities in your industry.



Every successful video starts with a good cast. A crew who can convince the audience with their acting and performance is key: it opens new opportunities for your business!

Despite what most people think, talent is not something actors are born with. Becoming a great actor requires hard work, but also guidance and assistance from experienced professionals. There are several acting service providers, so make sure you choose one that understands your vision.

PicsProd’s trained team provides various acting services to a large number of clients. Our team gives a hundred percent to offer outstanding services. We always keep an eye on each client’s requirement parameters in order to deliver the best results.

sound recorder


In any video, sound plays an essential role. To impress the audience, a good visual content must be accompanied by the right audio content. The tone, the volume and the entire reverberation should be arrayed in a way to ensure success when it comes to producing digital videos.

Even a short video needs appropriate sound effects to make it memorable and convincing. To get the best service, make sure you select a company that understands your challenges and your reality and that is equipped to deliver quality.

PicsProd’s professional sound engineers will meet the goals of perfect resonance and sound quality. We are proud to offer out of the box sound recording services that will resonate in the viewers’ hearts.


hair and makeup artist

Presentation is important. It doesn’t matter that your script and ideas are perfect if you are not communicating them in an inspiring way. Professional and creative makeup artists are essential as they are the ones who can add colors to a scene and turn it into magic.

The success of your video depends on the outlook of your cast. The hairstyles and makeup are key to making your video a real hit, and the makeup artist ensures that they match the scene and enhance its impact instead of spoiling it.

PicsProd knows just how important good hair/makeup artists are. This is why we make sure that our experts add brightness and color to not only your actors, but also to your videos.

vfx supervisor


Do not overlook the importance of a good VFX supervisor: if you want your audience to totally immerse in your vision, you need good visual effects. VFX supervisors are essential from the early stages of pre-production and until the end of post-production.

During pre-production, with the director/producer of the video, they decide on what VFX is required for every shot of the film. Then, with the VFX artists, they create prototype materials.

During production, VFX supervisors determine if the shots are satisfactory and ready for the VFX elements. Finally, VFX supervisors oversee the quality of the overall project during post-production and make sure that it is in line with the vision of the director or producer.

PicsProd offers the services of qualified and experienced VFX supervisors who will guarantee that your film will convince your audience in the most beautiful way.


drone pilot

Using drones can be a lot of fun. However, to be able to enjoy it, you have to be aware of certain rules. For example, depending on the drone’s weight, you might have to be a registered pilot to fly it. Some other basic rules include getting the drone registered, not flying over 400 feet, staying clear of manned aircraft operations, not operating within 5 miles of an airport or near people or stadiums, etc.

There are many models of drones available. That also means you have to be familiar with technical specifications in order to choose the right drone for your project and to get the level of quality you require.

Because drones are new, they are also very expensive. Hiring a professional video company is the best solution to avoid a headache and to be sure that your movie will be a success. This way, you will save your energy, but also a lot of time and money.

PicsProd’s experienced drone pilots will film any location or event for you and, since we are a full-service production company, we are familiar with every step of video production. That means that we will be able to edit the video and offer you the best quality ever.

assistant director


The role of assistant directors (AD) is crucial: they are the director’s right hand. Assistant directors have the responsibility to plan the filming schedule. They work with the director, the director of photography and many other heads of department to guarantee an efficient shoot.

Assistant directors must be present at all stages of the video production. In pre-production, they break down the script and identify what will be needed in terms of cast, locations, equipment and crew. They write the shooting schedule and work out how long each scene will take to film. During filming, ADs manages the set, to allow the directors to focus on the actors and framing the shots.

PicsProd’s trained assistant directors will make sure the video production process will run smoothly. Thanks to our professional services, you will be assured a powerful and persuasive film to convey your message to the relevant people.

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