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Because each need is unique, because each video must convey a powerful message and reach a specific target, we produce multiple video formats. We create impactful videos that meet the needs of institutions, small and large businesses, artists, NGOs, private individuals…

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Because each need is unique, because each video must convey a powerful message and reach a specific target, we produce multiple video formats. We create impactful videos that meet the needs of institutions, small and large businesses, artists, NGOs, private individuals…

Picsprod film documentaire


Documentary or report, that is the question. On the one hand, the report is related to current activities and to recent news, and it will be broadcasted shortly after being filmed. On the other hand, the documentary is a work of creation and the style of its author is recognizable.

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Picsprod agence promotion


Do you need to introduce your company to the world? Whether it is to convince leads, financial partners or new collaborators, the corporate video is an excellent marketing tool!

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Audiovisuel services


How can you make sure your targets understand all the benefits of your services? It is indeed a very important question to ask yourself, because you won’t be able to seduce consumers if they don’t grasp the complexities of your offer.

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PicsProd film produit


Looking to increase your traffic and conversion rate? Look no further! The 2020 trends show that video has become the #1 media on the Internet.

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Agence audiovisuel rôle


If you are a big group and you have managed to structure several departments, you might need to clarify each department’s role, in order to showcase your employees, but also to introduce yourself to the world.

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Film projet


Whether it is to highlight an operation’s success, to promote a crowdfunding campaign, to convince your managers that your projet is viable or to present the key points of your concept to regional and local authorities, video has proven its efficiency. According to Kickstarter, using a video during a crowdfunding campaign increases by 50% its chances of success.

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Corporate série


A corporate web series? Why? Web series have become trendy, and that’s because they are a good communication solution for companies. They allow you to convey information on the corporate life to employees or to make them aware of a specific issue. A current example could be the topic of health at work.

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Agence communication interne


Video allows you to create a community, to convey the company’s values, to modernize the company’s image, to generate commitment and interactions between the company and its employees. Indeed, internal communication isn’t just about sending reports and information about the company’s progress. Actually, it can be fun! There are a thousand ways to communicate with your employees and to boost the daily routine of a business.

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Picsprod évenement


You organize incredible events! You cannot imagine the means we have seen our clients deploy: renting the Eiffel Tower, a castle or even a campsite to organize a seminar for 300 collaborators, organizing a conference, traveling to a foreign country with their employees… All those extraordinary things are part of your company’s cultural heritage.

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Agence audiovisuelle BTOC BTOB


You wish to increase your sales and you’re wondering if a video could be the solution? You offer your services to other companies and you need to gain visibility? Whether it is BtoC or BtoB marketing, video is often the good choice.

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vidéos partenaire


Do you want to showcase a collaborator, a director or a partner? A video portrait will allow you to introduce quickly a person or a team and to create great storytelling around it to seduce your targets.

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Agence audiovisuelle


Restrictions and sanitary measures have forced artists and concert venues to reinvent themselves. How can you allow people to attend their favorite bands’ concerts?

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Témoignage film


How can you gain visibility and credibility? Nothing works like a testimonial! When people outside your company express their satisfaction regarding your products and services, the impact on your image is huge.

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Agence Picsprod objectifs


Video is a great way to unite people around a common cause. Because it explains clearly what you fight for, the actions you intend to take and why you need people’s help.

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Picsprod crowdfunding


You’ve got a wonderful project in mind, but no money to launch it? Don’t give up, opt for crowdfunding. What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding will help you to finance your projects. It can be a solution to launch artistic projects, but also to start, take on or develop a business.

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Picsprod film sensibilisation


Internet and social media allow you to broadcast content that, once, wouldn’t have been accessible for everyone. Nowadays, it’s easier to convey messages. However, the multitude of content present online can make your message disappear under the flow of new publications.

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Agence vidéo interview


Do you want to boost your social media? To create proximity with your website’s visitors? To stimulate your community of collaborators? Why not record an interview?

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Innovations vidéos film


How can you stay at the forefront of innovation? By investing in R&D, of course! You will spend time and money on research and development… But be sure not to forget marketing and communication! It is essential to communicate about the efforts you make to advance the progress of science.

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Vidéo agence reportage entreprise


How could you present your company while differentiating you from the competition? The corporate video report could be the right solution for you. Less formal and more spontaneous than the typical corporate film, the video report plunges the viewers into your universe and allows them to discover your company from a different perspective.

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Picsprod développer la notoriété


Shows represent the culmination of long hours of rehearsal and now, it’s possible to watch them online. Imagine that young dancers want to show their grandparents how much they progressed with their pas de chat, but the grandparents can’t attend the show because of health issues or because they live too far.

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Agence Vidéos


Why should you use video to teach? Well, because it works. We remember information more easily after watching and listening to video rather than after reading a text. Video and its endless possibilities allow you to offer a great training to all types of learners, to create engaging content and to make students want to follow the training until the end.

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Picsprod format vidéos


Your potential partners don’t fully understand what your services are and you don’t know how to face this challenge? The explainer video could be the solution for you. It allows you to promote an idea that can be difficult to understand. Its goal is to explain a concept in a clear and concise manner.

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vidéo film illustration


Are you scared to lose your audience’s attention during a long conference about a complex subject? Do you want to make sure your audience will stay focused when watching an expert’s interview?

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Picsprod vidéos tutoriel


Your company acquired a new tool to facilitate project management, but employees don’t use it because they don’t know it. How can you make the most of your new tool? Why not make a tutorial?

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Agence vidéo diffuser


You organize an event and you’d like to broadcast it online for those who can’t be present? Record a video of your event! The video capture can be recorded live or before the broadcast.

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Agence audiovisuelle


Do you want to talk about your activity, a new department or product, or give an update about your business? To go big, you could decide to film your very own show on a TV set!

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Picsprod streaming


What is streaming? Streaming is the transmission of any media content over the Internet, free of charge or by subscription (like Netflix).

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Agence streaming


What’s the difference between a televised debate and a live-streamed debate? Just like on TV, presenters and guests discuss hot topics. They analyze them, compare their points of view and exchange ideas.

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Picsprod élargir l'audience


How can you widen the audience of a conference? Broadcast it or stream it! The live broadcast allows you to deliver your content to more people and to go even further in the discussion by giving a voice to every participant, even the distant ones.

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Picsprod vidéo


Why should you make vertical videos? If the vertical format was criticized a few years ago, it has now become very popular and is recommended on social media. Today, we watch most of the online videos on our smartphones.

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Picsprod Motion


What is stop motion? Stop motion is an animation frame by frame. Like in a cartoon, the goal is to create the illusion of movement by displacing still objects.

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Motion animation


Motion design is an animation technique that consists of giving movement to graphic elements. The goal is to transmit a precise message, in a dynamic manner, to a target audience.

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Agence Animation


What is traditional animation? This is what we call “cartoon”. This is an animation technique that gives the illusion of movement by rapidly displaying a sequence of frames.

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Animation 3D


What’s the difference between 2D and 3D animation? Well, a three dimensional drawing will have volume: it will have depth and not just width and height.

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Picsprod GIF


What’s the difference between GIFs and cinemagraphs? A GIF is a sequence of images and their combination creates a small animation that plays in a loop. The cinemagraph is a variation of the GIF. It is an image in which only one element is animated.

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vidéo interview


Do you want to boost your image? Why not put a face to your business or your project by making fun and quirky interviews of your team’s members?

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Picsprod agence


The Digital Report 2021 of We Are Social and Hootsuite shows that the 65,35 millions of French people spend on average of 5h37 per day online. That increase in time spent in front of our screens gave rise to new media formats such as web series.

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Agence audiovisuelle


Are street interviews still topical? Yes, but their pertinence varies depending on the situation. First, what do we mean by street interviews? Well, this is when you ask their opinion to strangers on the street, usually in a public place.

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Picsprod storytelling


Why should you make a mini video report? The goal is to introduce your topic (company, project, team, event…) in a dynamic and realistic manner.

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Clips Picsprod


What’s a video clip? It’s a wonderful promotional tool for musicians, comedians, painters, bloggers… This support allows you to approach in a unique way professionals from your sector and to gain credibility and notoriety.

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360° Picsprod

360° VIDEO

What are 360° videos? 360° videos completely immerse the viewer thanks to a headset. The users can see all around them, at 360°, there’s no off-screen. To see the surroundings, they just have to turn their head.

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Film visite


At the beginnings of virtual reality, we thought that this format would become popular thanks to movies and video games. Today, however, its uses are much more diverse. For example, the real estate sector is using this convincing new tool.

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Agence audiovisuelle


What does 3D VR mean? Literally, this is three-dimensional (height, width, depth) virtual reality. In more concrete terms, this is the computer assisted creation of virtual and interactive environments.

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Experience 2D Audiovisuel


User experience has become crucial, and sometimes, it seems nearly impossible to reinvent it. We are offering you the possibility to customize your customers’ experience in a shop, on a website or elsewhere.

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Experience 3D


Have you ever dreamt of exploring a machine from the inside? Now, it’s possible! Whether you wish to visit an imaginary place or a space that hasn’t been built yet or to visualize the mechanisms of a revolutionary product, 3D allows you to plunge into the universe of your choice and to live an incomparable experience.

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Picsprod virtuel


What’s the advantage of a 360° virtual tour? In the context of the pandemic, virtual reality is a good way to maintain a certain proximity with your clients and to provoke emotions.

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Picsprod Agence audiovisuelle


Augmented reality (AR) is a technique that overlays 2D or 3D items with a real context, using the camera of a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), a pair of glasses, a headset or a display system.

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Vidéo agence dynamiser


Looking for something to illustrate your blog posts or press articles? Opt for videos! Videos can boost a post or an article and they are also ideal to explain the details of your subject.

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Film Picsprod


What’s a documentary? If this type of video is well known among the general public, it can be necessary to specify its definition. Several forms of documentaries exist, but they usually all aim to tell a true story based on real facts.

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Court-metrage Film


A short film doesn’t last more than 59 minutes. As soon as the duration is an hour, the video is called a full-length film. Why would you make a short film?

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Long-metrage Picsprod


A full-length film is a film with a duration superior to one hour. Its production includes several steps: pre-production, technical breakdown, scouting, shooting authorization, budget, financing, casting, shooting, post-production…

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Agence audiovisuelle


The video report is linked to journalism. It covers an event by going onsite and acts as a key witness. Reports can address topics that are currently hot, related to society, history, wildlife, trips, sciences, etc.

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Picsprod Web


Webisode and web series: what’s the difference? A web series is entirely released on the Web, hence the name. We can say that a web series is composed of webisodes. A webisode is an episode, usually short, that is available to stream or download online.

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Picsprod promotion vidéo


How can you promote your exhibition stand? You can make a specific film to broadcast it before or during the fair or you can make a film after to tell people what happened during the event. You can even broadcast it live on your website directly from your stand.

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Agence Vidéo


You succeeded in creating a genuine harmony in your company? Don’t hesitate to communicate on your image. The employer brand video will help you to improve your productivity, to reduce recruitment costs and to accelerate recruitment processes.

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